Vintage Worlds I!

vintage-worlds-cover3 Hey folks, Vintage Worlds, is officially published and ready for purchase.

Vintage Worlds is the collection of short science fiction pieces inspired by what dreamers imagined the solar system would be before the space probes showed it wasn’t. Back when Mars had canals and Venus was filled with jungles and intelligent species living everywhere. It’s the sci-fi of pulp magazines and cheap paperbacks.

Best of all (to me), Vintage Worlds includes a novella I wrote called Death Songs of Saturn. Death Songs of Saturn is sort of Leigh Brackett meets Dashiell Hammett tale of space blasters and skulduggery. Captain Dido must find missing miners deep in the clouds of Saturn where they are held by a mysterious alien tribe, but the real danger may be crossing paths with her former lover.

Check it out by going to the Founders House Publishing site here. The trade paperback is $16.99 and the ebook is $5.99.

I hope you like it!




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