Indie Theatre Now Closed!

joel-jones-answer-man-and-other-bar-plays Indie Theatre Now, the publisher of my barhoppers plays has closed. Perhaps selling e-plays for $1.29 each that couldn’t be read on Kindles wasn’t the most sustainable business model. Go figure! But thanks to all of you who bought the plays and thanks to Martin and Rochelle Denton for putting it all together. Maybe now that I’ve got the scripts fairly well edited, I’ll look into some self-publishing option.


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Barhoppers E-published

joel-jones-answer-man-and-other-bar-plays Indie Theater Now is offering a collection of my bar plays online for sale in electronic format. Included are Answer Man, Big Fish Little Fish, Tragic Hero, Haven’t We Met Someplace Before, Regatta Club Freud, Karaoke Night, Power Lunch, and Afterlife.

Unbelievably you can get the whole shebang for the ridiculous price of $1.29.

You can order it here.

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Edinburgh Review 2016

Laughing Sexy Woman - Retro The Big Bite-Size Lunch Hour: Best Bites is a tenth anniversary show featuring short plays voted as audience favorites through the last decade. Every year Bite-Size Plays stages collections of short breakfast comedies as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. For their anniversary collection two of my plays were chosen, The Answer Man and Big Fish Little Fish.

Here’s a nice review of the show from British Theatre Guide.

By the way, both Answer Man and  Big Fish Little Fish are included in Barhoppers: The Answer Man and Other Bar Plays, available soon in e-book format through Indie Theater Now.


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Plays in 2016 Edinburgh Fringe!

10-Years-of-Bite-Size-Breakfast-image-by-Robert-Cohen-copy-e1462900095757 Two of my short comedies, Answer Man and Big Fish Little Fish, have been chosen for a 10th anniversary ‘Best of’ show in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The theater company is called Bite-Size Plays based in Brighton, UK. They do collections of short comedies in Brighton, on tour, and annually at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They staged Answer Man, Big Fish Little Fish, and Tragic Hero there in 2014. For their 10th anniversary they’ve picked five scripts to perform as a ‘Best of’ collection, and Answer Man and Big Fish Little Fish.

Thanks to Nick Brice and all the Bite-Size gang, and thanks to Tom Coash for the original introduction!

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Indie Theater Now

indie play mastheadHappy to report that Indie Theater Now is e-publishing Shrug Like You Mean It (a full-length play) and a collection of my bar plays. They’ve got a draft of my bio up already. I’m still finalizing the titles.

Thanks to Martin Denton and Rochelle Denton at Indie Theater Now, and Tom Coash for making the connection!

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Boy’s State

East_Campus_2 Since it’s election season, here is a political story I told in 2010 in New York and in 2014 during one of the Big Blue Door Jams.


© 2010, 2014,2016 Joel Jones

Charlottesville High School during my junior year was cracking down on kids hanging out in their cars during lunch, drug use, and water balloons. I wasn’t a drug or water balloon user myself and I didn’t own a car, but cracking down always rubbed me the wrong way, so I circulated a petition. Continue reading

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Margot Leitman’s Book

Leitman bookMargot Leitman is a wonderful stand-up comedian, screenwriter, and storyteller (5-time Moth winner and “GrandSLAM” champion). She also teaches a class in storytelling that I took in New York (Awesome class!). Long Story Short, her book on telling true stories, was published last year (Buy it here!), and there’s a mention of your humble narrator.

What I loved about Joel, is you never knew what direction his story was taking, and he wasn’t afraid to go dark. He wasn’t seeking audience approval; he was sharing his truth. (p. 204)

The story Margot goes on to talk about is called “Boyfriend Guy.” Buy the book to read more!

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