host Joel Jones Below are some of the true personal stories I’ve told at shows in New York and Charlottesville.



Boy’s State
Guinea Pig
Boyfriend Guy
My Favorite Hippie
Egyptian Train
Big Tree
Christmas Carol
Playwright’s Retreat
Power of Prayer
Lucid Dream

Leitman book Margot Leitman is a wonderful stand-up comedian, screenwriter, and storyteller (5-time Moth winner and “GrandSLAM” champion). She also teaches a class in storytelling that I took in New York (Awesome class!). Long Story Short, her book on telling true stories, was published last year (Buy it here!), and there’s a mention of your humble narrator.

What I loved about Joel, is you never knew what direction his story was taking, and he wasn’t afraid to go dark. He wasn’t seeking audience approval; he was sharing his truth. (p. 204)

The story Margot goes on to talk about is called “Boyfriend Guy.” Buy the book to read more!