Plays in 2016 Edinburgh Fringe!

10-Years-of-Bite-Size-Breakfast-image-by-Robert-Cohen-copy-e1462900095757 Two of my short comedies, Answer Man and Big Fish Little Fish, have been chosen for a 10th anniversary ‘Best of’ show in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The theater company is called Bite-Size Plays based in Brighton, UK. They do collections of short comedies in Brighton, on tour, and annually at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They staged Answer Man, Big Fish Little Fish, and Tragic Hero there in 2014. For their 10th anniversary they’ve picked five scripts to perform as a ‘Best of’ collection, and Answer Man and Big Fish Little Fish.

Thanks to Nick Brice and all the Bite-Size gang, and thanks to Tom Coash for the original introduction!


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