Podcast Worth Listening To

podcast Do you like podcasts?

Neither do I.

Mostly because there’s no way to know if they’re worth your time except by spending your time. (If only there were a way to skim an audio recording like one can do with a written text.)

But here’s a podcast that’s worth your time. It’s an interview at Strong Towns with the author of a book called Dreamland that’s about the opioid epidemic. (It’s now on my reading list.) The interview goes into all kinds of fascinating directions, including chronic pain, the medical system, the drug wars, gang violence, and America generally.

By the way, I’m very skeptical of the way the author discusses chronic pain in the podcast. I’m sure people in an earlier age suffered more stoically, but I’d guess that was partly because they knew why they were suffering. Anyone out there read the book? Anyone out there with chronic pain? Anyone out there addicted to opioids who has chronic pain and has read this book?


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